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Portia Club Song
Mrs. S. D. Stroup

This song was composed for the Portia Club by Mrs. S. D. Stroup.
The transcription was taken from a book of writings by Mrs. Stroup.

Come let us sing in pleasing strains
Of an ideal, grand, and true,
That is winning us to an effort here
To Seek, To Be, and To Do.

To seek for the gem of knowledge
That shall lend to our lives its power,
That will add its grace to our actions
As perfume adds to the flower.

To be enrolled with the workers
In the cause of the right, and the true,
Until Portia becomes a synonym
For the good we desire to do.

To do with a combined effort
Like spokes in a self same hub
Work that shall add new lustre
To the fame of the Portia Club.

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 From November 1927

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