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On Tuesday, November 01, 1927, the Portia Club clubhouse, located at 225 North 9th Street in Payette, Idaho was first opened to the public. The building was the dream of a group of far-sighted women dedicated to the welfare and cultural well being of their community. They may have started their club over a small tea party in 1895, but during the next twenty years they started the Payette City Library, funded Children's Free Health Clinics, organized the Payette Apple Blossom Festival, sponsored lectures on laws that affected women and children, held debates on women's issues and spread the virtues of art and literature throughout the city of Payette, Idaho. Their dream to build their own clubhouse started in 1919 with $60 in proceeds from a dance the ladies had sponsored. Over the next eight years the women of the Portia Club slowly added to their clubhouse fund until they had earned the $4,366 cost of the building. They chose a well known architect from Fruitland, I. C. Whiteley to design their new clubhouse and decided on a Spanish style that they hoped would add to the beauty of their city. The women of the Portia Club slowly faded away and their accomplishments were nearly forgotten, but seventy-seven years later we are trying to save this once active clubhouse. Over time the building has been sorely neglected and without extensive restoration will be lost forever. It is our goal, with your help, to restore this lovely building and turn it into a community center for non-profit clubs, performing arts, after school and other community based programs.

A Brief History of Portia Club
Written by Mrs. D. C. Chase

A Brief History of Portia Club
Written by Mrs. Edna Stephenson (about 1965)

Portia Club Song

Original Portia Club 1921 Articles of Incorporation
State of Idaho

Portia Club to Build
Payette Independent, December 17, 1925

Portia Club to Build Home
Payette Independent, May 12, 1927

Laying the Corner Stone
Files of the Independent Enterprise
August 4, 1927

Dedication Ceremony
November 03, 1927 (Long Article)

Payette Portia Club Dedication Ceremony
Idaho Club Woman, December 1927 (Short Article)

How We Furnished The New Club House
By Mrs. P. H. Brown, Portia Club, Payette

Original Contract for Portia Club Clubhouse
July 22, 1927

The Portia Club Of Payette: Then and Now
By Cleo Dolphus Thompson

Portia Club Officers from 1895 to 1972
By Cleo Dolphus Thompson

Portia Club National Register of Historic Places Registration Form
Portia Club History
By KSD Consultling LLC

Portia Club National Register of Historic Places Registration Form
Portia Club Clubhouse Structure
By KSD Consultling LLC

The Story of the Apple Blossom Festival
11th Annual Apple Blossom Festival Program, May 8th, 1933

Midland Monthly Magazine, Volume 6, 1896

History of Idaho, Volume 1, by Hiram French, 1914

Newspaper Articles about the Portia Club

Portia Club, Women's Club Member

Women of the Portia Club

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