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Portia Club

TODAY the Portia Club is open to the public.

We Invite You to Enjoy Your Special Event in the Historic Charm of the Portia Club

On Tuesday, November 01, 1927, the Portia Club clubhouse, located at 225 North 9th Street in Payette, Idaho was first opened to the public. The building was the dream of a group of far-sighted women dedicated to the welfare and cultural well being of their community. The clubhouse served as a center of social activity for half of a century, but over time, the women of the Portia Club slowly faded away and their accomplishments were nearly forgotten. Their dream clubhouse fell into disrepair and without extensive restoration would have been lost forever.

In February 2005, the deed to the Portia Club was turned over to The Friends of the Portia Club, Inc., an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. With the help of volunteers, local businesses, in kind contributions, private donations and grants the Portia Club has been turned into a safe, accessible, welcoming place that is enjoyed by the entire community.

The Friends of the Portia Club, Inc.

The Friends of the Portia Club, Inc., is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, whose mission is to preserve the historic Portia Club clubhouse located at 225 North 9th Street in Payette, Idaho and provide an affordable community center for non-profit clubs, performing arts, after school and other community based programs.

We are committed to:

     1) Restoring and preserving the Portia Club clubhouse, including the history and contributions of the original Portia Club.

     2) Providing space for non-profit, youth, civic and cultural activities.

     3) Promoting and coordinating programs for all ages which encourage social,artistic and educational growth.

     4) Encouraging building restoration and the importance of the Portia Club in the history of the area.

     5) Overseeing the ongoing management, finances and maintenance of the clubhouse.

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